Friday, September 7, 2012

Ideabird 9/7/12

Journalists have gone gaga for celebrity scientists since Edison. Einstein held the mantle for many years until they settled on Steven Hawking. After Hawking was the radical Australian cosmologist MacMurray. Just before MacMurray died he was asked by a Sunday paper who was the greatest genius after him. He declared unequivocally that it was Rosarita Gomez at Stanford. No one could find her on the faculty lists. She had just started ┬áher graduate work at SLAC, and had no idea why he had pointed all their attention her way. She became the idol of the public, and public enemy number one in the scientific community. MacMurray’s memory engrams had been stored in Canberra, and a computer model of the genius stated directly. “She is the greatest thinker of our age!” much to her continuing consternation.